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The Liu Lab Department of Craniofacial Biology Kings College London
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Biological Problems

Patterning the neurula

Skull vault formation

Technical Development

Small molecules

Post-translational control

Major collaborations

John Wallingford, University of Texas, Austin, US

Clare Baker, Cambridge University, UK

Dale Frank, Technion, Israel

Rick Finnell, Texas A&M, US

Britta Eickholt, King's College London, UK

Mike Longaker, Stanford University, CA, USA

Anne-Helene Monsoro-Burq, Institute Curie, Orsay, France


Projects in the lab are currently funded the following agencies:

BBSRC: 2007-2010
Using chemical tools to study Wnt signalling in neural development
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

The Wellcome Trust: 2007-2012
Signal transduction by GSK-3beta in craniofacial development
The Wellcome Trust

BBSRC: 2012-2015
Small molecule control of Wnt signal transduction
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council